The Will! Flaming Steel. Chapter one

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-Beep - Beep-Beep--

This is a horrible racket. I slowly opened eyes. To the
darkness of my cabin is flashing red alarm light and the speaker's voice, in this empty room madly amplificationed. The Emperor, again the alarm ... I got up from the bed and searched the light driver. It is always lost somewhere. Finally i feeled a small box and my room dived in brilliant white light. Ouch my eyes are pouring tears as they are sinking into the piercing rays. I need to make up myself. I pushed a button on the coffee mashine and soon i sniffed a delicious smell. Meanwhile i´am dressing a uniform. Traditional military cut, common for the Imperial officer, but the color is different. Others wear gray, red or green, but mine is white with red and black trim.

I´am Sipping coffee and staring into mirror. I looking at nineteen man in a white uniform with a mug of coffee in hand. They call me Misaki. Face covered with stubble, and under my left eye pulls vertical scar, Remembery to the the first confrontation with the Alpha Legion, the most terrible unit of chaos. My job is never easy. Others always want the maximum effort in every situation. I don´t
know how I came up to it, perhaps because of my mental strength that allows me to fight against heresy. Yes I am an inquisitor. I first met with the empire when they came to cleanse my home planet. Most major cities were destroyed by orbita bombardement during the first few minutes. Fortunately, I was just outside the city so I was not hitted by it. I was just enjoying a holiday at sea when the sky began to rain fire. It looked like a beautiful colored firework, I couldn´t think that this is an attack on our planet, If a warp portal don´t open closeby. This is such an anomaly that allows chaos armies to travel from planet to planet. At first I did have a purple glowing thing does not combine with anything bad, so I came closer, To search it out. From that time I have this my scar. From portal jumped Cultist, human worshiper of chaos, and slashed my by a blade. I Caught my face, and another attack would certainly kill me, if not the presence of mind of a girl who was on vacation with me. She threw a stone on a cultist and it hit him in the leg. He stumbled and fell back into the portal, which subsequently imploded. Even that way. fortunately, my eye wasn´t hit and bleeding from the wound had stopped so I maintained the masculine and tried to comfort my savior, even though i was more terrified than she was. When i think about this I always conjure a beatific smile on my face. It's been a while. Gathering of past events would be terrible for ordinary people, but I somehow managed it. Somehow we survived a couple of days at our beach house before we met with representatives of the Empire. In shining Amor, the Marines, genetically modified people, fighting for the holy Terra. It was an unbelievable sight. Even stranger was that they kneeled in front of me. I later learned that the Marines can feel the spiritual power, and because the Empire inhabitants endowed with spiritual power are all in higher positions, they offered me to join their campaign. What I really did not expect, even though it was my wish. Earlier escape from death had turned into an unexpected angle. And not just for me. My savior, with I traveled was also able to start a new life. Although the Marines were from the beginning against, after my explanation they allowed me to bring her with me. This opened a new avenue for both of us. We was transported on board a space cruiser,named ,,The Emperors Flame ", where we've been subjected to basic training. They taught us about the history and present of the Empire. It was difficult, but we learned a lot of useful things. Empire is guided from the Holy Terra, where lives the Immortal God-Emperor. The territory consists of thousands of planets associated by Emperor and his powerful army. On the top stands the Holy Inquisition, a paramilitary organization defending the empire against other races. It is superior to all others, the military, and civilians.They just assigned me to the Inquisition, and with a little effort, I got my savior under my command. Otherwise, she could end like an office rat in the Imperiál guard, or in the worst case she could be sended to the planet to lead a normal civilian life. Which would be a damn shame, and moreover i do not let someone i owe my new life to get lost in the universe. I will rather have her prettyness under my eyes. And also i have some kind of contract with her, but that maybe later. By some miracle we did stayed together and I was sent on my first mission. In 21. sector on the fourth planet in the system disappeared Marine reconnaissance unit. Normally, they would have sent a reconnaissance ship to see what happened, but this situation has proven to a perfect opportunity to test the capabilities of the new Inquisitor. I got a light frigate named 'Unprecedented', crew, supplies for several weeks and I could go. Keeping the ship has proved to be unusually difficult. The crew still required my attention so there was no time to think. Path consisted of thirteen jumps using warp drive, and after every jump we needed to wait several hours to recharge the energy storage device. During that time I could get acquainted with the crew of my ship. In exception of my savior, which was assigned to help with the on-board weapons assistance. As for the ship which was assigned to me, I could not be happier. The "Cobra" class cruiser, a ship which is the backbone of the imperial fleet. Mine was prepared on a reconnaissance version, with a less Amor thickness, but it has more powerful propulsion and weapons. A crew of 72 dedicated men and women, a unit of twenty genetically modified Marines who will survey land. The journey went by without any problems and in soul I believed that with this fantastic boat and crew i can do anything. Unfortunately, I very soon realized how wrong I was ...
The ship sunderred in explosion. I don´t kept it and I poured my sleeve on the uniform. Crack it starts... I put my mug on the table and run through the corridors with the flashing lights, rushing into the control room. When i was going through the last door, the next explosion shakes the boat, which makes myself to hit one of the onboard computers. I gritted my teeth and ran to the command chair.

"Report!" I shouted to the frightened officer in charge of the state of the ship.
,, A-Aye! On the right side we have two cracks in the fuselage, We are loosing Oxygen, because the pressure bulkheads was damaged. We works on the repairs! "She said. I trying to absorb what is happening with my ship.
"We are already under fire for several minutes. Awaiting your orders, sir, "said a young noncommissioned officer from the firing command position. Is it just my though, or is the whole control room filled only by women? I dont realize it before ... but on these thoughts is not the time!
,, Return the fire, fire at will." I ordered to the control room area while I was watching the radar screen with pulsing red dot indicating an enemy ship.
,,Roger, firing!" Sounded from the communicator. The slight vibrations indicate activation of on-board weapons. Ship was shooked by the other explosion. That almost knocked me out of the chair.
"Oxygen tanks pierced!." Within fifteen minutes we are without air. "
"What!" I was horrified. Now I'm lost, without air we can´t do anything.

,,Contact!" Imperial cruiser model "Cobra" at three o'clock! "
,,Connect me! "I shouted. Then flashed a big screen, which I previously considered to be a wall, and a women in shining Armor and with Bright white hairs appearad on.
,,Here Inquisitor Commander Misaki. We ask for help in the fight against the heretics. "I asked her with trembling voice.
,,Here Commander sister Ichinose from the order of Scarlet Rose. Your request can not be accepted, goodbye. "And the connection was lost.
,,W-What? "I stammered. Next explosion threw me out of the chair. Will to get up quite left me.
,,Controls damaged! What orders, sir?" I'm not able to answer .. I do not know what to say.
I finally got from myself.
,,Beg our pardon?!" snapped officer who is in charge of propulsion.
,,Get us down to the surface." I assured her about my decision.
,,A-Aye, sir!" She replied and sended my orders by communicator. Throughout the visors I see the hull of the ship rotating to that damn planet. Shockwaves do not bother me, because they fill the entire ship, as like as howling damaged engines. If we survives the landing, or more of an impact,
I will have to excuse for my failure ... It willl be hard. My head hurts even when I do not know whether this is due to fall, or mental madness that accompanies all this suicidal action. But there is hope even though I have already lost, something in me still believes. What is this warm feeling? I decided to stand myself. Not that I like, the more me as my power supplies. decided that I should go to the front visor and stared at the colored Theatre behind the glass. Shouting crew together with the colors of fire entry formed a symphony of a foreign world, so cruel and wonderful that it can not be otherwise than listen. held out my hands into space, like a bird hungering for the first takeoff, and I'm starting to enjoy this situation
offered to me by space phenomena. Feeling the power of life itself, death itself. The presence of the deities and the passage of space forces. the rocky surface of the planet approaches like the darkness of the warp. In short, I asked the emperor to help my crew in distress, and I was prepared to shock. Someone Someone grabbed my hand in the last seconds of flight. The touch was warm and comfortable like no other. There was no time to think who it was, I pressed her and I said goodbye to life. Then came the crash and darkness.
'From now until forever." Sounded the nice and familiar voice from the darkness.
,,Cynthia!" I Sight.

(Poznámka autora: Přeložení této kapitoly zabralo asi hodinu a půl s přestávkou kdy jsem umíval okno. Článek jsem přeložil pomocí Google translatoru, ale musel jsem udělat stovky korekcí a přepisů vět. Snad tím nadchnu anglicky nadané :-) Ostatní si mohou zkusit jaké to je číst v angličtině, ostatně překlad máte v prvním článku. Pro své čtenáře by Medraen Soulflyer)

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