Wish for destiny

22. listopadu 2010 v 19:14 | Medraen Soulflyer |  Moje vlastní tvorba
Alone, a warrior praying for his wish to come true. Betrayed by his own kin and left alone in the middle of desert where is instead of sand a lot of empty human hearts. Warrior started to cry, because there was nothing left for him. Nothing he can fight for. Around a warrior there appear ghosts and spirits and they started to dance. They danced in the circle around warrior and shout at him about his own cowardiness. He stand and force himself to laught. Because there is nothing more for him, this is the true. The most paintfull true he ever faced. But what now? Only armed by truth he walked straingwards toward the flood of empty hearts. He crushed them with the truth he bind to himself and became the icon of truth for the world of blind eyes. He crossed all the desert and find another one. The whole world became the desert of empty hearts and blind eyes. Warrior has smiled to the sky and prayed for his Eternity to give him more strenght for the upcoming war. Alone warrior against the millions of hearts that was blinded by their own greatness. But warrior fears none. God is with him on every step he take ad he is ready to help him from the sad world. And when he is not? He believed in his presence.and followed path between waves of emptyness  till he reached the end of his path... was it life or death? That is choosed by us. Take the responsibility and do something usefull.

                                                                                                            - Medraen Rin Soulflyer

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