PAYADOO new PTC. Review + Guide (SCAM)

28. září 2014 v 21:37 | EI |  Klikačky a další možnosti pasivního příjmu
Today i want to present you PAYADOO website, where you can make income from clicking ads and from Refferal commissions, which are quite high.

Main reasons to join this site:

Free registration
International support
Unlimited direct refs
Upgrade commissions (up to dollars!)
You can windraw from 4 USD (free user)
Earn up to 0,02 from ref click
You have chance to win up to 5 USD from grid game
PTSU pays up to 10 USD

Payadoo support: Paypal,Payza, Egopay.

Main page:

Upgrade benefits:

Payadoo GUIDE:

Click ads until you reach 600 points, which you can convert into rental balance. Than you can rent first 3 RR for free! Continue clicking ads until you are satisfied, than you can invest into more refs, or windraw your money. I recomend getting some DR which will make earning process much faster!

Until some time i recomend upgrading your account into premium to maximalize your income.

Registration link:(click on banner)

You can join websites facebook site here: i recomend to join, admins always respond to your questions.

I wish you best luck and great income :-)

Another sites offering you income on the internet:

This PTC is not working anymore!


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Pl send plan or presentation

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